How lack of communication affects relationships in the current generation .

With technology advancement, today everyone is socially connected but with limited communication or no communication.

communication , lack of communication

Communication is important in relationships. We seek it through partner, family, friends, but often our deep relationships are where we expect to find the most connection.

But when don’t, we feel lonely, isolated and misunderstood.

This literally leads to negative emotions and it ends ups in argument, miscommunication and even ends up in relationship.

There are different types of basic relationships .

  1. Family
  2. Friends
  3. Acquaintances
  4. Romantic
  5. Professional

All these types of relationships are different to one another but common in many factors.

And how communication brings together all these important relationships? Before getting in to it, what communication really means?

Communication is defined as the process of understanding and sharing meaning

It can be Verbal, Nonverbal, written , Visualizations but the core of every communication is “exchanging of information” “Sharing ideas or feelings or emotions”

But are we really communicating?

May be YES, may be NOT.

It depends on the bonding of the relationship you have with the people and it can be of varied reasons.

As some communicate daily, monthly, yearly etc. But did we ever think about how lack of communication affects the relationships ?

But what is the communication barriers ?

Lack of intimacy:

Intimacy is something closeness to people, as you connect with people, intimacy is either developed or broken causing barriers between the relationships.

Feeling of Uncomfortableness: 

We are not comfortable with specific people in those relationships due to various reasons. This usually happens in all types of relationships.

Misunderstanding and Conflicts:

One of the main issues of communication barrier in relationshipsArguments, fights, sarcasm results in breaking many relationships.

Past bad experiences:

 Everyone remembers those bad experiences in their life, which pulls them back any attempt to communicate.

Values Self Respect: Sometimes you feel not to communicate to the people who don’t respect you.

Everyone are busy: In today’s life everyone is busy with their individual lives.

Some are busy in their jobs, careers, some in caring for children and some busy with money. As a result, there is lack of communication.

Everyone expects to start the conversation first: One of reason why most of the people keep distance and silent as they expect others to communicate first.

Every communication gives life to Relationships as said by Tony Gaskins – “COMMUNICATION TO A RELATIONSHIP IS LIKE OXYGEN TO LIFE. WITHOUT IT… IT DIES”

Communication , lack of communication

Social media connection will not guarantee you a healthy relationship unless you communicate.

How it affects relationships?

Breaks Relationships:

 It definitely cause a huge gap resulting in breaking of relationships eventually. This can or can’t be reversed unless your sort out the issues. It mainly affects in Family, Couples as things gets worse when days goes by.

Health issues:

The lonelier and depressed you are, the more health issues. The lack of communication can have serious consequences more than just a relationship.

Sharing your feelings or emotions reduces stress and when it suddenly stops, causes serious issues as per psychologists.

Inability to make them understand: 

Professionals often used to complain that their relationship with boss is not in good terms due to poor communication and back off.

Literally communication is a skill. Make them understand what you intend to say.

Train yourself well enough to communicate effectively. Even in marriages, many divorces happen due to the misinformation and misunderstandings.

Isolated from society:

You will be completely away from the society making you lonelier.

This eventually cause health issues. You can’t live a lonely life as in some others ways you definitely need to have communication with the society.

Lonely , lack of communication

People often communicate with the ones they are “Comfortable with”. This is workable in friendships, acquaintances but in professional life , blood relationships, marriages, this would definitely shake the momentum.

But at the same time what ultimately one seeks is PEACE & HAPPINESS and is a personal choice.

You can’t force anyone to change based on your point of view as for some, they feel so comfortable when they don’t communicate and just keeps the relationships for name sake.

So how often do you communicate?

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