I’m so distressed. I’m so disappointed. I don’t know how life is going to be in future. I feel to quit and is how is taking responsibility determine the success of a future.

Everyone has this thoughts in their life . Atleast once in their life. Because life is not what we think about . But its what we create.

Did you ever think why things got wrong in your way ? What made your decisions wrong and what led to that life which you never thought to have in your life. Its You and Your Fear .


We don’t take any responsiblity for our future and let others to decide our future based on their views . They include parents , friends , collegues etc.

Just because someone loves you doesn’t mean they give you good advice and guidance. They guide you based on their views.

I know people who struggle in their life both personal and professional life due to the decision taken by their parents and others .

I know people who are dissatisfied with their work , I know people who marries the wrong person and unhappy in their life . In these cases you let others to decide what you have to do against your potential talents and wish.

We are literally pushing us to the chaotic situation of struggle. And in the end your literally excuse your mistake of not taking your responsiblity and put blame on others.

What are the main issues of this chaos ?

Hypengyophobia (Fear of Resonsibility): One of the worst factor that torments everones life. Something takes away the progress and confidence . We fear to take decision of our own and this ultimately put us in trouble. We fear the aftermath of the decision  if its gets wrong. Its better late than never .


Being dependent :  Most of us are going through the zone of dependency and infact it’s the top priority for everyone to come out from the zone of dependency and stand alone . We think being dependent makes us vulnerable in taking decisions as our own .

Too much obedience : As it says “too much of everything is good for nothing” . Its good to have obedience , discipline but everything should be on limit as it will overshadow the courage . Some people think that when they speak and go against the parents in decision making time,  it will be considered to be disobedience.

So how can we come out from this fear?

Speak up:  As its says , you must speak up for your future. Your future is 100% your responsibility. No one is going to save your future when you are in trouble, but yourself. Try to convince the parents or anyone politely . Make them understand what is your goal . Your decision is your future . While understanding the situation , you take the responsibility of your life eventually.

Time : You don’t want to waste years of repenting for some bad decisions happened to you by others . You wake up , repair and progress . Time is something which we don’t get back in our life. Quick realization is better than late repenting.

Avoid negative people : Well! Wherever you go , you will definitely find negative people who always find some excuses and find mistakes in us . Well , the best solution  – Ignore them.


So in this life , you don’t want to struggle due to certain bad decisions . You still has time to recover. Because this is your life .  You need persistence and willingness to achieve what you want.

life is now

You survived these days in your life. Now you are going to have an amazing days in the coming years.

Good miracle is going to happen. Trust the process.


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