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We are living in a society where value of a person is measured by the possession of wealth , job , titles etc . Wait! Are you serious ?

Let me bring you the great story of my friend Tony who explained about the true meaning of Self respect through his life. Mr Tony was working for an IT company and had a great life until 2017 when he lost his job due to cost cutting by company. It completely changed his life who find it difficult to survive without an income. He was forced to sell his own house to close his personal loan and finally relied on his parents again. His father being a business man didn’t depend on his sons income at any time . Tony was such a great man who loves his family , relatives , friends and always gives values to the relationships. Since loosing his job , he found the strange behaviors of family , relatives and even some of his friends started putting him down , no value to his opinions , kept distance and hardly contact. He went through depression and seek help from doctor.

He successfully went through some therapies , yoga and came back as fresh as he can . Identified the issues where he can solve and committed to work for his success alone. He kept on learning and updated the skills , connected with some of his ex-colleagues , started professional networking as his core focus is to get a job. Surprisingly he got a job in LA and shifted to a new place and started a new life. After getting job , those people who had neglected him started coming to him again . But Tony kept distance from all except parents as he knows how they struggled to feed him despite their behavior . He gave value to Self respect and don’t want to surrender it infront of anyone , anymore.

Because spoken words , bad behavior and thrown actions can’t be taken back.

Most of us are TONY in different ways.

Yes, Self respect is literally the foundation of all decisions you make , how you treat yourself , and how you make others to treat you.

People think that happiness and pride lies in possession of wealth , job , titles etc and infact they think it should be the factors to measure others as well. They treat them in a bad way and put them in worse situation of questioning their self respect and dignity.

But why people often forget Self respect ?

1. You give value to relationships than yourself.

In order to have peaceful relationships , you try to compromise on all embarrassments you face , but you forget that people takes advantage of you.

2. You give too much care and love for people who don’t even care and love for you.

Everyone are not same . Just because you care and love someone doesn’t mean they give you the same. But you keep making excuses for those who wouldn’t think twice to throw you under the bus.

3. You Tolerate.

You tolerate mental , physical abuse just because of the relationships , and sometimes they treated you nicely and you hang on that feelings of belongings.

4. Bad past experience.

When you had any bad experience of love failure , unemployment , family issues leads to lack of confidence and giving up of life .

5. You are dependent .

Being dependent is one of the difficult phase of most of the people in their life . They don’t even have the courage to speak or express opinions.

Why Self respect is crucial.

1. Makes you a better person.

You will believe in yourself and feels worthy. You realize your life deserves more values when you look yourself. It drives a new energy to move life forward .

2. You don’t care others anymore.

You have finally come to a stage that you don’t care what others think and says about you . This is very important in your life as you know what you want to hear and do.

3. Be yourself.

No one is going to help you. Its 100% your life and 100% your responsibility. Work hard and reach your goal. Read success books and connect with like minded people across the world.

4. Be selective & stop relying on others for your Happiness and Time.

Be selective and surround with people who can uplift you in difficult time including your family and friends. Spend quality time with the same people who deserve to be in your life .

5. Blood is not always thicker than water.

As it says blood is related but loyalty , respect makes family . Sometimes family may not be with you in your hard time to support you psychologically , emotionally , financially but a friend or stranger can be.

When you know who you are , how much you’re worth and your value , you will not let anyone, and not even your partner, treat you as a doormat.

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